ENDODERMA CO.,LTD. is the edge leader in functional cosmetics based in microneedle technologies, and promising bio-venture company specialized in Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS). Besides the painful ingections, it has been difficult to deliver active and functional ingredients effectively into the skin where most important skin cells exist. We have strived to develop the TDDS which makes it possible to deliver ingredients without pain, necessary presence of medical staffs and medical waste. We have successfully developed the genuine microstructure that makes a breakthrough for active skin care and drug delivery.

ENDODERMA has successfully developed the proprietary genuine microstructure. We provide the dermatological platform based on the innovative TDDS. We will keep striving to develop edge TDDS platform for high-end functional cosmetics and a safer and easier delivery of active ingredients, wave, and even frequencies for electroceuticals. Further, Endoderma will build edge platforms not just for inward transdermal delivery but also for outward solutions for real-time bio-sensing, sampling, and digital bio-markers.
The Edge Leader in TDDS and Microneedle Patches
CompanyEndoDerma.Co.,Ltd Major businessTDDS(MicroNeedle cosmetics & bio)
Proprietary ingredients & supplements
CEOSang Yoon BAE(Mr.) IPMN Structure, CLHA, Dissolving HA Micro Structrue, and others.
EstablishmentJan. 9th, 2015 FactoryOhsong, Choongchung Bukdo, South Korea
AddressSuite 201, C's Tower, 58 Pankyo-ro 255,
Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, South Korea
Websitewww. Endoderma.co.kr
GovernanceCompany Footprints
SuHeung(KOSPI Listed, Market Cap. US$ 510M) and Yuhan(KOSPI Listed, Market Cap. US$ 3.7B) are the major investors of NaturalEndo Tech(KOSDAQ Listed, Market Cap. US$ 120M) which is the biggest share holder of EndoDerma ‘22 Functional cosmetics approval by MFDS
‘21 Launched NEEDLY in Watsons Thailand
‘19 Launched Skincare brand NEEDLY
‘18 Microneedle Patch launched at Japan, Austria, Mexico
Germany Douglas and Sephora
Overnight Micro Patch, 3 Patent registration in Korea

‘15 Established Endoderma Co., LTD
Business field
ENDODERMA Possesses the genuine microstructure based on proprietary transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS)
Transdermal Drug
Delivery System
Applied with
Developing derma and cosmeceuticals
1 Delivery of bio-active substances deep into skin
2 TDDS with high delivery rate of active ingredients
3 Application of gel type crossed-linked HA
1 New dermatological solutions for various skin troubles
2 Specific spot cares on customer's needs
  • over 80% delivery rate
    It increases the delivery rate of active ingredients and intensively manages the skin.
  • Patent
    Creative microneedle shape and CLHA application
  • safety
    Completion of safety efficacy clinical test
  • Production
    Automated manufacturing equipment ISO22716 and Cosmetics GMP Facilities
  • Custom-made microneedle patch
    Self R&D. OEM/ODM production with proprietary technology
  • Vision inspection
    Best Quality Control and Quality Assurance system
Endoderma meets various customers' needs by providing the cutting-edge products that are strictly quality-controlled and quality-assured through the entire manufacturing process. Among others, a vision inspection system enables the completion of the state-of-the-art technology.
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